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I am so happy you came to visit my site today!! I am a rescue cat . My mission is to spread love, joy, happiness all over the world! And have some dance parties and purr sessions while I am at it . Woohoo! Remember I love everyone and I love you too!

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What People Say

We've had a stressful six months in our family during the COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with job loss, distance learning and all the challenges as a family. Our son has been dealing with a lot of increased anxiety this summer. We were determined to make his 9th birthday memorable and create special memories during this time. He's recently discovered a love of cats, so getting the video from Charlie put a needed smile on his face on his birthday, and not just a smile, but an all-out belly laugh. He watched the video again and again and definitely received the love and joy and levity Charlie brings to the world. Thank you, Charlie Chap the WonderCat!  -Lindsey


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