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About Charlie Chap The WonderCat

Charlie Chap with ears perked up

I am one Special cat! My human mommy found me at a shelter and it was love at first sight!  She thought I was so dapper looking, like I had a tuxedo on and white mustache.  As we were meeting, I kept trying to get more and more comfortable in her lap.

I wasn’t about to let her leave without taking me home. I am such a lovable, sweet, handsome and funny boy!  You can’t help but love me!


You can tell I just want to spread love, joy and happiness all over the world! 

I have been featured in:

Canadian Cat Clowder Magazine


I got featured twice!  In the September 2022 edition and in the December 2021 edition.


You can access them and read about my story and about my asthma and IBD

Q & A


How old are you Charlie Chap the WonderCat?

I am 8 years old.

Where did the shelter find you?

In Mankato, Minnesota. 

What kind of cat are you?

I am a tuxedo cat. Although a Tuxedo cat is not a specific breed, my markings are how I got the name. Also called a tuxie,  I must say I do look dapper in my tuxedo and I never have to dress up (snicker).

Do you make appearances Charlie? 

No. It is very important for us animals to have a low stress and happy environment.  Sometimes even a few people can be overwhelming. My mommy makes sure I am the happiest and healthiest cat ever!

How can we get more of you Charlie? 

Follow me on my social media where I have dance parties, Purr sessions and more weekly.




You have helped me so much you know just when I need a laugh or just a smile you are always there.  I love you.


Love everything about you Charlie, always makes my day better



Age 65 

I look forward to your posts everyday. You always make me smile. Love you Charlie!



Charlie made my kids so happy with his personalized videos! My kids giggled and squealed, so amazed that the cute kitty knew their names!! Thanks for the joy, Charlie really are a WonderCat!   



Age 60

Oh Charlie, in these trying times you brought joy to me. Every time I watch your videos I smile and laugh. I also send them to my sister. She loves you too! 



Charlie's cat friend

Charlie every video of you talking or singing makes me and my human happier. I wish my human would make me talk, she’s leaving me in meow mode.

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